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Botox can be used to treat wrinkles and creases across the forehead, between the eyes, and the areas around the eyes typically referred to a crow's feet.  Treatments typically take approximately 15 minutes with Botox given as a series of very small injections that can feel like tweezing an eyebrow hair.  It is truly a painless procedure.    On average, Botox treatments will last approximately 4 months until the affects will wear off, however after multiple treatments, affects will tend to last longer with less lines or wrinkles seen at rest.  Botox will not only make you look better, but in effect help you feel better.



For those individuals who have had botox treatment in the past, you know that after approximately 4 months, you will begin to see the effects start to wear off.  By the time you start to see lines starting to appear again in the mirror and you decide to call your doctor for an appointment, they usually can't see you for a few weeks!  At Premier Dentistry we understand that your appearance matters!  This is why we make time in our daily schedule to accomodate you for when it's most important to you.  There is no medical professional better qualified at giving injections than the dentist.  Dr. Meyerson gives dozens of injections every day which are literally painless, so when you are ready to really make a difference with your overall smile and appearance, give us a call.




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